Dear Collegues,

It is great pleasure for us to be able to contac you for travel in the exotic and interesting country of TURKEY.We are very interesting in providing travel services to you and  your clients.

HALAY TOURISM-TRAVEL is  founded in 1989 as an incoming tour operator and  eager to work with you and we are at your disposal to provide you with any kind of supplementry informations, brochures or maps meet your requirements.Please do not hesitate to contac us.

We had co-operation with Romanians and Russians and organized for them sejurs in Kusadasi and Antalya. From 2001 on, we decided to organize special groups and in the meantime, we had a very large experience with Anatolian Roundtrips with too much different kind of tours.We are one of the campanies to reach over 40 different cities in Turkey in a year with our trips.

Let us hear from you!
Yours truly,



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